Our projects include educational buildings; commercial spaces that encompass banking, retail,  and professional offices; governmental offices; industrial facilities; and single-and multi-family residential projects. The following  list of Representative Clientele  indicate the scope and range of some of these work types. 

            Representative  Clientele:

                 American Cancer Society​                                    Fresh Direct Holding LLC                                     New York City Board of Education
                 American Youth Hostel, Inc.                               Gateway Holdings, Inc.                                         NYC Dept. of Citywide Administrative Services
                 Atco Properties & Management, Inc.                   Haverstraw Town Police Department                    NYC Department of Design & Construction                                B.T. Capital Services, Ltd.                                   Herbert H. Lehman College                                  NYC Department of Finance
                 Bank of New York                                               Holiday Inn                                                          NYC School Construction Authority 
                 Bankers Trust                                                     Ivy Terrace Planned Unit Housing                         New York Psychotherapy Center
                 Bell Atlantic/Verizon                                          Intercontinental Hotels                                         New York State Department of Labor
                 Brooklyn Navy Yard                                            Integral Construction Corporation                        New York State Police
                 Cartier                                                               Long Island State Park Commission                       Philip Morris, Inc. 
                 Chase Manhattan Bank                                      Marine Midland Bank (HSBC)                                  Rentar Development Corp.
                 Citibank, N.A.                                                    Morse Diesel International                                     St. John's University 
                 City University of New York                                Mountain Development Corporation                      Summit School
                 Euro Brokers Harlow, Ltd.                                  Nassau County Dept. of Public Works                     Taco Bell 
                 Fireman's Fund Insurance Corp.                         National Broadcasting Company                            Trinity Church


The Summit School
Our approach in designing this enlargement for additional classrooms was to conceive of it as though it had always been intended to be part of the original building, contextual in every sense, to the end that the existing and new elements comprise a single integral and organic entity. 

​​​Bronx County Court (NYC DCAS)

RIA was commissioned by the City of New York to do a complete upgrade of the facades and plazas of this iconic Art-Deco era landmark building.  We did so, to the end that the entire building brought an aura of renewed life to its original Art-Deco  expression.   

​​P.S. 256, Brooklyn

PS 256, Brooklyn, NY, was commissioned by the Board of Education to be a replica of the prototypical design RIA created for PS 2, Manhattan 2 years earlier. The  simplicity,  functionality, and economy of construction of PS 2 were highly prized by the Board, and warranted  this call for a repeat performance.

New York State Police Facility, Town of Haverstraw, NY
The site was an unevenly sloped parcel defined by the exit ramp from the Palisades Interstate Parkway. The building had to be aesthetically consistent with the suburban/rural character of the Town. The result was this simply designed building that suits its place and purpose beautifully.